ezbio 20ezbio 20

Matala ezbio 20 pre-filter (double core)


High performance pre-filters that will adapt to a variety of pumps, saving you cleaning time. They also harbour beneficial bacteria (bio-filtration) and extend the life of your pump by reducing wear and tear.


  • High flow mechanical filtration, increases efficiency of pump
  • Easily extendable for increased capacity
  • Large surface area for biological filtration
  • Multiple pore size dramatically reduces clogging
  • 40mm Thread connection with 3-stage universal hose adaptor
  • Ideal for pond and fountain pumps
  • Maximum flow 15,000lph, when used as a prefilter (mechanical filter)
  • Maximum flow 5000lph, when used as a biofilter



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OUTLET SIZE (MM): 40mm with 3-section hose barb. 25/32/40mm
MEASUREMENTS (MM) – Dia X L : 200 x 200mm
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