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We offer high quality pond services at an affordable price.

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We believe in providing our customers the highest quality products available.

Top Reasons

Why choose Oz Water Gardens?


Quality and presentation

Quality control procedures are in place to ensure all stock being sent out from our nursery is of the highest quality.


Range and variety

They can rely on our team to recommend and select the best products, to suit their customers needs.


Friendly and helpful service

We provide friendly and helpful service at all times, from answering queries on the phone to delivery of stock.


Ancillary products and services

Besides plants we have Pond Plant Fertiliser Tablets, Aquatic Planting Mix and a fantastic Website which is available to all customers to help with FAQ’s and plant selection.



Oz Watergardens strives to simplify and systemise the marketing and sales of pond plants.  Our unique modular plant display system, labelling system and point of sale material make pond plant selection and sales easier.


Prompt Delivery

Prompt service is guaranteed.  We will use all sources available to ensure plant delivery is achieved to client’s satisfaction.

Plant Care Instructions

Taking quality care of your aquatic plants will fill your soul with love. Click to explore our DIY resources.

Pond Plant Zones

Oz Watergardens pond plant zone system™ explains 5 planting zones of a pond.

Australia's largest wholesale producer of waterlilies and ornamental pond plants

Oz Watergardens are the preferred supplier to the multi award winning show gardens at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  We also consult and can provide care and maintenance to your pond plants

Have your waterlilies stopped flowering?


Does your pond need cleaning?

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