Pond Themes

The Hottest trend is a Cool water garden

The true heart of any garden is a well designed water garden. Water gardens and water features create a wondrous element to any garden. Whether it is set in the background or is a bold centrepiece, water gardens become the focal point that draws attention. It should not be an afterthought that is just plonked into a landscape. A successful look can only be achieved if it is integrated with the surrounding landscape. When choosing pond themes you also need to consider the size and scope of your water feature. A water garden will bring a whole range of new life into the garden. Even a small feature like a bird bath creates a habitat for birds visiting for a quick bath or drink.

The two keys to choosing pond themes or water feature styles

Pond themes or styles should be developed with two things in mind.

  • To please your own senses – how you see things and how you feel.
  • To suit your lifestyle.

Forget fashion. Break the rules. Style is a matter of personality and understanding who you are.

Popular pond themes

To help, we have developed plant lists to suit the more popular pond themes.

Australian native ponds provides a selection of plants that are suitable for creating more natural habitats based on the plants that are native or have been bred from plants indigenous to Australia. You may wish to work with colour schemes or prefer a particular Colour Selection.

Edible water gardens are easy to maintain and can produce a variety of root and leaf crops. Many edible water plants can be grown successfully in small ponds or even old bath tubs.

One of the more popular pond themes of suburban gardens and even some schools are creating Frog Ponds. While others enjoy the peace and tranquillity associated with, watching their fish swimming around in Fish Ponds.

People are often inspired by the pond themes they have seen in other parts of the world. They may be Formal Ponds of Europe, set into lawns, or may try to emulate a style from Asia such as Japanese Water Gardens.

Size is often dictated by the space we have available. 15% of Australians live in apartments and may only have a courtyard or balcony so only Small ponds / water bowls may suit. While those with larger properties can enjoy the view over Large Ponds, Lakes and Dams.

Most aquatic plants prefer full sun and this can lead to problems for Shady Ponds, so we have developed a list of plants that can tolerate these shadier conditions.

If you wish to incorporate a stream flowing into a lower pond, or are searching for Plants for Waterfalls, then there are other factors to consider when choosing plants for these conditions. The constant splashing is not tolerated by some pond plants and could cause them to die.


  1. Oz Watergardens recommend that before commencing any water gardens design, you need to understand your needs, have good planning, and especially when working on larger projects, speak to experienced landscape professionals.
  2. Select the list topics to help you choose suitable water plants for your pond themes.

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Acorus calamus Variegatus

Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus Ogon

Acorus gramineus Variegatus

Alocasia macrorrhiza

Aponogeton distachyos


Bacopa caroliniana

Bacopa monniera

Baloskion tetraphyllum

Baumea articulata

Baumea rubiginosa

Bletilla striata

Canna X generalis Yellow

Canna Tropicanna

Canna Tropicanna Gold

Canna X generalis America

Canna X generalis Dr Eisler

Canna X generalis S. Lochner

Canna X generalis Tropical Rose

Canna X generalis Tropical Salmon

Centella cordifolia

Colocasia esculenta

Colocasia esculenta Amazon Queen

Colocasia esculenta Black Magic

Crassula helmsii

Cyperus alternifolius

Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus prolifer

Egeria densa

Eleocharis acuta

Goodenia humilis

Goodenia lanata

Goodenia ovata

Gratiola peruviana

Hibiscus coccinea

Hydrocotyle verticillata

Imperata cyclindrica Rubra

Iris ensata Assorted

Iris ensata Blue Lagoon

Iris ensata Court Jester

Iris ensata Diamond Night

Iris ensata Emperor

Iris ensata Enchanted Lake

Iris ensata Freckled Geisha

Iris ensata Geisha Parasol

Iris ensata Gosan No Takara

Iris ensata Hekito

Iris ensata Hoyden

Iris ensata Imperial Velvet

Iris ensata Island Paradise

Iris ensata Kimboshi

Iris ensata Kings Court

Iris ensata La Tosca

Iris ensata Ocean Mist

Iris ensata Pastel Princess

Iris ensata Storm at Sea

Iris ensata Rose Prelude

Iris ensata Summer Snowflake

Iris ensata White

Iris ensata Worlds Delight

Iris laevigata Albopurpurea

Iris laevigata Royal Cartwheel

Iris laevigata Snowdrift

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pseudacorus Flora Pleno

Iris hexagona Good Vibes

Iris versicolor Gerald Darby

Iris versicolor

Iris hexagona Assorted

Isolepis nodosa (syn Ficinia nodosa)

Isotoma fluviatalis

Juncus amabilis

Juncus decipiens Curly Wurly

Juncus effusus Spiralis

Juncus gregiflorus

Juncus pallidus

Juncus pauciflorus

Lemna spp.

Eleocharis sphacelata

Leperonia articulata

Ludwigia pallustris

Lysimachia nummalaria

Lysimachia nummularia Aurea

Lythrum salicaria

Marsilea angustifolia

Marsilea mutica

Mazus pumilio - Blue

Mazus pumilio - White

Mentha australis

Myriophyllum crispatum

Myriophyllum papillosum

Myriophyllum varifolium

Nelumbo nucifera

Nelumbo nucifera Cochranes Baby Pink

Nelumbo nucifera Cochranes Snow White

Nymphaea Apricot

Nymphaea Assorted

Nymphaea Carnea

Nymphaea Chromatella

Nymphaea Darwin (syn Hollandia)

Nymphaea Daubeniana

Nymphaea Fabiola

Nymphaea Firecrest

Nymphaea Gonnere Double White

Nymphaea H.C. Haarstick

Nymphaea Helvola

Nymphaea Indiana

Nymphaea James Brydon

Nymphaea Joanne Pring

Nymphaea Karleen Harder

Nymphaea Madam Wilfrom Gonnere

Nymphaea Mrs Richmond

Nymphaea Norma Gedye

Nymphaea nouchali - cyanea

Nymphaea nouchali - versicolor

Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red

Nymphaea Pink Sensation

Nymphaea Rose Arey

Nymphaea Sioux

Nymphaea St Louis Gold

Nymphaea Sunrise

Nymphaea tetragona Alba

Nymphaea Tina

Nymphoides crenata

Nymphoides geminata

Nymphoides spinulosperma

Oenanthe javanica Pink Flamingo

Philydrum lanuginosum

Pistia stratiotes

Pontederia cordata

Pontederia cordata Alba

Ranunculus inundatus

Ranunculus lingua

Rhyncospora colorata

Rotala rotundifolia

Saururus cernuus

Schoenoplectus lacustris Albescens

Schoenoplectus lacustris Zebrinus

Selliera radicans

Setaria palmifolia

Thalia dealbata

Thalia geniculata

Cycnogeton procerum (syn Triglochin)

Triglochin striata

Tulbaghia violacea

Typha latifolia

Vallisneria americana

Villarsia reniformis

Wachendorfia thyrsiflora

Hydrocleys nymphoides