Garden pond

Garden Ponds help make good landscapes - "GREAT".

Most landscapes are enhanced by the introduction of a garden pond.

A good pond design helps bring paradise into peoples’ lives.  Let me explain.

You’re tired and stressed at work.  The traffic has been unbearable.

You finally get home –   What do you hear?

The gentle, soothing splashing of water in your garden pond.

You’ve returned to your own oasis.   Your own piece of paradise.

What do you feel when you think of a garden pond?

Relaxed, inspired, free from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The fish gliding effortlessly through the water in your garden pond.  Not a care in the world.

You almost feel like trading places.

A garden pond brings life into the landscape.

Your pond can be whatever you want it to be.

Lively and entertaining, ever changing. 

A garden pond can create an environment that soothes the soul. 

Good designers and many businesses understand the psychology behind having a garden pond incorporated into their landscape.

The water gently splashing, your own secret place, away from distractions of life and the outside world.  Corporate offices, hospitals often have garden ponds to help make people feel calm and create an air of tranquility. 

A place to reflect on ones’ thoughts.

Garden ponds help cool the warm Summer air.  It’s like outdoor air conditioning.

In fact it’s Life conditioning.
Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re in paradise?At Oz Watergardens, we help bring the balance of the natural world into peoples lives.

What’s your Plant Life Balance like?

What plant do you think of - when you think of a garden pond?

Most people answer – “The Waterlily”.

Oz Watergardens has the experience of producing over 500,000 waterlilies.

As Australia’s largest wholesale producer of waterlilies and pond plants, we know how to grow them well.  Our Pond maintenance and consultancy service can give you the practical support and advice on getting your waterlilies to do well.

The next time that you go into a garden centre.

Remember, that you do get what you pay for.

Ask yourself – What do I want? – flowers

The question is – Is it going to flower for me?

Anyone can pot a waterlily, but unless you understand their needs and select the best stock, you won’t get the results that you are looking for – flowers.

Oz Watergardens pond services only work with companies that stand by their products and their reputations.  We recommend Clearpond and OASE for our pond pumps, filters and equipment.