Small ponds with miniature water plants excite the imagination

transformed using miniature water plants to create a delightful focal point.

Patio ponds using large urns can give you that tropical resort feel, creating your own garden retreat. The peaceful sound of water babbling in the background soothes the mind, taking you away from the stresses of today’s hustle and bustle.

Table top displays using decorative bowls make wonderful centre pieces. Hanging basket and even window boxes can be converted and used to display miniature water plants.

Can I grow miniature water lilies in a bowl?

Miniature water lilies and other miniature water plants are ideal for the smaller water features. These plants will grow happily in almost any container that will hold water, so the possibilities are endless.

See Pond Themes – Small ponds/water bowls for other miniature water plants.

Miniature water lilies are available in a range of flower colours similar to the hardy water lilies including – Apricots, Pinks, Reds, Whites and Yellows. Some even change colours….There are also dwarf flowering tropical waterlilies producing blue flowers.

We define dwarf or pygmy waterlilies as those that produce flowers about tea cup size 7-8cm, whereas the true miniature water lilies produce flowers down to 4cm across.

How do I care for my miniature water lilies?

ust add water. Well it may seem simple, but they do not need a lot of work. As with any plant, some maintenance is required to get the best results. Miniature water lilies need about 10cm of water above the crown, whereas most other water lilies prefer 30-60cm. Miniature water lilies tend to grow slower than their bigger brothers, so they do not need dividing – repotting as often, typically every 2-3 years may be enough for the smallest types. However they still need to be fed. We recommend slow release fertiliser tablets applied in late Spring.

  1. Miniature water lilies need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to flower. Some varieties such as Nymphaea ‘Helvola’ can tolerate light shade.

For information on the plant care and maintenance of miniature water lilies go to our Tips & Hints page.

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