Zone two

Zone 2™ - Bog plants and waterside plants

Zone 2™ is Oz Watergardens’ guide to bog plants and waterside plants. They are the marginal plants that grow around the edges of ponds, waterways, lakes and wetlands. Or the bog plants that grow in swampy areas and can tolerate seasonal flooding.

In more natural pond designs, the waterside plants help to stabilise pond edges and create a smoother blend between the pond and the surrounding landscape. Pond edges and liners can also be damaged by other wildlife, particularly the claws of cats and birds. Clumping rushes and sedges can prevent some animals from coming too close, while other waterside plants that grow into dense mats, can blanket the pond edges.

Bog plants and waterside plants are of particular importance in improving water quality through erosion control and also their feeder roots.

Bog plants are also useful in, drainage lines or for erosion control, where you may have excess water run-off.

Many of these plants improve the habitat by attracting wildlife, such as frogs, lizards and birds. Some waterside plants, like rushes and sedges (eg. Common Spike Rush – Eleocharis acuta ), provide nesting materials, some food and others shelter.

Choosing waterside plants and bog plants that match the style of your garden helps to make the whole garden experience all the more enjoyable.

Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus Ogon

Acorus gramineus Variegatus

Alocasia macrorrhiza

Berula erecta

Bletilla striata

Canna X generalis Yellow

Canna Tropicanna

Canna Tropicanna Gold

Canna X generalis America

Canna X generalis Dr Eisler

Canna X generalis S. Lochner

Canna X generalis Tropical Rose

Canna X generalis Tropical Salmon

Colocasia esculenta

Centella cordifolia

Colocasia esculenta Amazon Queen

Colocasia esculenta Black Magic

Cyperus alternifolius

Crassula helmsii

Cyperus prolifer

Iris ensata Storm at Sea

Iris ensata Summer Snowflake

Iris ensata White

Iris ensata Worlds Delight

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pseudacorus Flora Pleno

Goodenia humilis

Goodenia lanata

Goodenia ovata

Gratiola peruviana

Hydrocotyle verticillata

Hibiscus coccinea

Imperata cyclindrica Rubra

Iris ensata Assorted

Iris ensata Blue Lagoon

Iris ensata Court Jester

Iris ensata Diamond Night

Iris ensata Emperor

Iris ensata Enchanted Lake

Iris ensata Freckled Geisha

Iris ensata Gosan No Takara

Iris ensata Hekito

Iris ensata Hoyden

Iris ensata Imperial Velvet

Iris ensata Island Paradise

Iris ensata Kimboshi

Iris ensata Kings Court

Iris ensata La Tosca

Iris ensata Ocean Mist

Iris ensata Pastel Princess

Iris ensata Rose Prelude

Isolepis nodosa (syn Ficinia nodosa)

Isotoma fluviatalis

Juncus amabilis

Juncus decipiens Curly Wurly

Juncus effusus Spiralis

Juncus gregiflorus

Juncus pauciflorus

Lysimachia nummalaria

Lysimachia nummularia Aurea

Lythrum salicaria

Marsilea angustifolia

Mazus pumilio - Blue

Mazus pumilio - White

Mentha australis

Rhyncospora colorata

Saururus cernuus

Selliera radicans

Wachendorfia thyrsiflora

Setaria palmifolia

Iris ensata Geisha Parasol

Carex rippara

Marsilea drummondii

Philydrum lanuginosum

Cypella aquatilis

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