Waterlilies - Jewels of the Pond

Water lilies are the jewels of nearly all water garden designs. These beautiful, low maintenance plants form the colour palette of the pond. At Oz Watergardens there are literally hundreds of water lilies for sale, but to simplify things, at our water lily nursery, we group them according to the climates that they grow in, when they flower and also the size of the plant or flower.

  • Hardy Water lilies are native to cooler climates.
  • Tropical Water lilies are native to tropical or semitropical climates.
Day flowering/Night flowering
  • Hardy waterlilies flower during the daytime and generally have their flowers floating on the water surface or only just above it.
  • Tropical waterlilies typically produce flowers that stand up 30cm out of the water.
  • Most flower during the daytime but there are also night flowering tropical water lilies.

The majority of waterlilies produce flowers 10-20cm wide. But there are also pygmy or miniature waterlilies varieties with flowers as small as 4cm wide.



Water lilies flower during the warmer months, the time and frequency depend on the variety and also the conditions that the plant is growing in. Some varieties flower more than others, but the key to good flowering is sunlight and food. 


Waterlilies need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight in order to flower. Not filtered or reflected light, but directly in the sun’s rays. 


They are also heavy feeders, and as such need a good source of nutrients to give the plant the vigour to grow and produce flowers. 


Each flower only blooms for 4-5 days so it is important to use good slow release fertilisers to encourage more flowers.

How deep can I plant my water lilies?

To get the best results you need to plant a waterlily at the correct depth. The Oz Watergardens pond zone system helps to guide you to the recommended pond depths. Smaller miniature water lilies need only 5-10cm of water over the crown (the growing tip that produces the leaves), making them ideal for planting in bowls and smaller water features. Most hardy and tropical water lilies prefer the deeper pond water and will grow happily in 40-60cm of water. That is not to say that you cannot grow them in deeper water. At Oz Watergardens water lily nursery, we have water lilies growing in our lake 3 metres deep. Not that we would recommend that anyone plant at this depth. These plants were planted, nearly 40 years ago, at a depth of about 1 metre and have slowly spread and grown out into the deeper areas.

Water lilies for sale at oz watergardens water lily nursery?

Oz Watergardens is Australia’s largest wholesale water lily nursery with over 15000 water lilies for sale. We have supplied over 500,000 water lilies to the industry. Our high standards and expertise guarantees that we select only the best water lilies for sale.

Use our store locator to contact your nearest water lily nursery or garden centre, to place an order.

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