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Cypella aquatilis

An aquatic, bulbous perennial from Southern Brazil.  Producing narrow pleated/palm-like leaves to 30cm high.  Glossy yellow orchid-like flowers (5-7cm) are produced in abundance, on multi-branched stems approximately 40cm high, from late Spring and throughout the Summer months.  Prefers to grow in full sun or a moderately shaded position, in moist soil or in water to

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Carex rippara

A lovely grey-green coloured sedge that is ideal for pond edges and shallow water to 10cm deep. This evergreen perennial grows to 50cm tall, is frost tolerant and can grow in full sun to part shade.  The arching foliage is offset by dense clusters of brown flowers produced in late Summer.   ADD TO WISHLIST

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Myriophyllum variifolium

Myriophyllum varifolium

A vigorous native with dark green plumes on stems which trail across the water surface. Leaves can vary in shape & tip growth is highlighted with small pink-red buds & flowers in Spring/Summer. Ideal for protection & spawning of fish. Submerge 0-40cm deep. Prefers full sun to semi-shade. ADD TO WISHLIST

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