Submerged Plants

Myriophyllum variifolium

Myriophyllum varifolium

A vigorous native with dark green plumes on stems which trail across the water surface. Leaves can vary in shape & tip growth is highlighted with small pink-red buds & flowers in Spring/Summer. Ideal for protection & spawning of fish. Submerge 0-40cm deep. Prefers full sun to semi-shade. ADD TO WISHLIST

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Egeria densa

Egeria densa

A popular decorative, oxygenating and water filtering plant.  The submerged leaves grow in whorls of 4 to 8, up to 4 cm long and are produced on trailing stems to 2 m or more long.  Prefers full sun in deeper water to 1m, but will grow in part-shade in shallow water. A good habitat plant providing food and shelter

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Lysimachia nummalaria

Very hardy, vigorous carpeting plants with bright yellow flowers in Summer. Creeping Jenny is an effective ground cover that has been grown in gardens for hundres of years. Prefers moist, part shade conditions & grows upto 8 cm in height therefore an ideal pond-edge plant. ADD TO WISHLIST

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