Oxygenating Plants

Myriophyllum variifolium

Myriophyllum varifolium

A vigorous native with dark green plumes on stems which trail across the water surface. Leaves can vary in shape & tip growth is highlighted with small pink-red buds & flowers in Spring/Summer. Ideal for protection & spawning of fish. Submerge 0-40cm deep. Prefers full sun to semi-shade. ADD TO WISHLIST

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Egeria densa

Egeria densa

A popular decorative, oxygenating and water filtering plant.  The submerged leaves grow in whorls of 4 to 8, up to 4 cm long and are produced on trailing stems to 2 m or more long.  Prefers full sun in deeper water to 1m, but will grow in part-shade in shallow water. A good habitat plant providing food and shelter

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