Evergreen - Light Frosts

Cypella aquatilis

An aquatic, bulbous perennial from Southern Brazil.  Producing narrow pleated/palm-like leaves to 30cm high.  Glossy yellow orchid-like flowers (5-7cm) are produced in abundance, on multi-branched stems approximately 40cm high, from late Spring and throughout the Summer months.  Prefers to grow in full sun or a moderately shaded position, in moist soil or in water to […]

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Saururus cernuus

Saururus cernuus

An interesting water or bog plant, with aromatic foliage. Lizards Tail has fragrant white cats tail flowers which are borne in Summer. Plant in full sun or part-shade. Grows to 50cm in height. Plant to a depth of 15cm in pond. ADD TO WISHLIST

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Alocasia macrorrhiza

Large elephant ear-like leaves which grows up to 2m in height.   Prefers semi shade and is frost tender. If hit by frost, remove leaves & it will recover. Excellent specimen in the garden around shady ponds. The leaves help give a lush tropical feel to the garden.  May also be treated as a fernery or

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Acorus gramineus Ogon

An excellent clumping pond edge or border plant.  Producing stiff grass-like light green leaves with golden-yellow stripes.  It grows upto 30cm tall & is an attractive plant for brightening up shadier pond edges. Can also be grown in water to 5cm deep (Zone 3). This plant likes part shade to full sun & is also frost

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