Deep Water Plants

Nymphaea Assorted

Cup shaped darker pink flowers. Requires at least 45cm of water to grow. Will grow in water upto 1.8m deep. Will tolerate some shade for part of the day, but requires 5 hours of sun for best flowering results. Frost tolerant as it dies down. ADD TO WISHLIST

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baumea articulata

Baumea articulata

This is an attractive native sedge which grows up 1.5-2m in height.  It has drooping flowers/seed heads & bamboo-like stems on older growth.  It is excellent for water features & is a great habitat plant for nesting bird life.  It grows in water to 1m deep & likes either full sun or semi-shade. ADD TO WISHLIST

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Aponogeton distachyos

Aponogeton distachyos

This is a unique plant with dark green strap-like floating leaves and white orchid-like perfumed flowers.  It loves the cold and is good for Winter coverage. It is one of the few water plants to flower at this time.  In warmer waters (20 deg celcius or more) the plant can go dormant. Grows in full

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Nymphoides spinulosperma

A trailing Australian native waterplant.  It is a great performer in cooler climates & is one of the largest flowering varieties.  Bright yellow snowflake-like flowers to 5cm across contrast the attractive bronze marbled leaves (8-10cm) featuring a small pink spot in the centre.  This plant is ideal for small ponds & container watergarden features. ADD

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Nelumbo nucifera

There are many natural hybrids of Lotus grown around the world. Flower colour varies from white, pink, red, yellow with some bicoloured and others multi-petalled. Flowers may be quite small or up to a basketball in size. Leaves are like velvety circles held above the water. Most plants are heavy feeders. ADD TO WISHLIST

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