The 4 Keys to choosing water lily types

Water lily types are classified according to the climates that they grow in, when they flower, the size of the plant and flower and flower colour.

1· Hardy Water lilies are tolerant of cooler climates. These water lily types flower during the daytime and generally have their flowers floating on the water surface or only just above it.

2· Tropical Water lilies prefer tropical or semitropical climates. These water lily types produce flowers that stand up 30cm out of the water. Most flower during the daytime but there are also night flowering tropical water lilies.

3· Size – miniature water lilies through to giant water lilies vary in flower size from 4 to 30cm across and the leaves from 5cm to over 2m. With the majority of water lily types producing flowers 10 to 20cm wide and leaves 20 to 40cm across.

4· Colour – Hardy water lily flower colours come in apricots, pinks, reds, whites and yellows. Some even change colours and are referred to as changeable. Tropical water lily types range from pinks to reds, whites and yellow, but also include blues and purples.

Water lilies are the feature plant of nearly all water garden designs. These beautiful, low maintenance plants form the colour palette of the pond.

At Oz Watergardens there are many water lily types and literally thousands of water lilies for sale. You can search and select water lily types by any of these catagories.


  1. Allwater lily types need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to flower.
  2. For information on the plant care and maintenance of water lilies go to our Tips & Hints page.
  3. If you wish to choose plants by their colour, go to our Colour Selection page

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Nymphaea Chromatella

Nymphaea Daubeniana

Nymphaea Carnea

Nymphaea Fabiola

Nymphaea Firecrest

Nymphaea Gonnere Double White

Nymphaea H.C. Haarstick

Nymphaea Helvola

Nymphaea Indiana

Nymphaea James Brydon

Nymphaea Joanne Pring

Nymphaea Karleen Harder

Nymphaea Madam Wilfrom Gonnere

Nymphaea Mrs Richmond

Nymphaea Norma Gedye

Nymphaea nouchali - cyanea

Nymphaea nouchali - versicolor

Nymphaea Paul Harriot

Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red

Nymphaea Pink Sensation

Nymphaea Rose Arey

Nymphaea Sioux

Nymphaea Somptuosa

Nymphaea St Louis Gold

Nymphaea Sunrise

Nymphaea tetragona Alba

Nymphaea Tina