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Pond Plant Fertiliser Tablets 140g


Oz Watergardens Pond Plant Fertiliser Tablets are an easy to use slow release fertiliser.

Simply create a hole in the soil around your pond plant and insert the tablet in around the roots, so that you are feeding the plant rather than releasing all the fertiliser into the pond water.

Use 1 tablet for a small 14cm pot, 2 tablets for a 20cm pot or more if you have a larger tub/pot.

While no one can guarantee that that any fertiliser is 100% safe for fish and other aquatic life, we at Oz Watergardens have been using these tablets for our pond plants for nearly 20 years without noticing any issues with the fish and frogs in our nursery.

Keep away from children and pets. Wash hands after use.

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SIZE (G): 140
APPLICATION RATE: 1 Tablet per 14cm pot / 2 Tablets per 20cm pot
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