Selection 3- Lush Look Fish Pond

Selection 3 - for a more lush tropical look

  • Zone 1 – Pistia stratiotes (Water Lettuce) these drifting plants have great feeder roots that filter the pond water and fish love to play around in the roots. (Note that this plant may only be grown in SA. Tas and Vic. It is a declared weed in all other states of Australia).
  • Zone 2 – Colocasia varieties (Taro) Lush tall foliage to create some shade and good feeder roots to filter the pond water.
  • Zone 3 – Bacopa carolinana (Lemon Bacopa) a nice lush plant for warmer pond that provides shelter and oxygenates.
  • Zone 4 – Pontederia cordata (Pickerel Rush) shelter and water filtering plant.
  • Zone 5 – Nymphaea hybrids (Water lilies) shade and a food source, as algae often grows along the leaf stems and is eaten by many fish. Vallisneria Americana (ribbon grass) grows into lawns of water filtering foliage.

Bacopa caroliniana

Colocasia esculenta

Colocasia esculenta Amazon Queen

Nymphaea Assorted

Pistia stratiotes

Pontederia cordata

Vallisneria americana

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