Pink Purple

Can't decide on a pink water lily, or looking for other pink or purple water plants?

Let your colour palette create the mood in your water garden design. A Softer pink water lily can have a calming influence to your quiet retreat. The beautiful blooms, floating on the water surface are reflected in the deeper still waters. A bolder pink water lily can make the setting come alive, reflecting your own personality.

Selecting pink coloured water plants to suit your pond may just be the finishing touch. When reviewing lists of water plants, it’s apparent that the shades of your colour theme can have a tremendous effect on the mood and feel within in your garden.

Whether you seek to contrast colours or are trying to maintain a colour scheme, our water plant colour list can help. We have also divided this colour grouping according to the pond depths that they are most ideally suited to. This allows you to choose pink or purple flowering or leaved water plants for each pond planting zone (see Zone Map).

You may choose a pale pink water lily variety such as Morning Glory (Nymphaea x marliacea ‘Carnea’). This Zone Five pink water lily is almost a pink shade of white and adds a softer touch to medium or large ponds. On the other hand a tropical water lily like Nymphaea ‘Tina’ produces some of the richest purple flowers and is absolutely stunning in large urns.

Many hard landscapes are softened with smaller plants carefully positioned amongst larger boulders in garden rockeries. Similar effects can also be created using Native violets (Viola hederacea) planted in moist pockets between boulders along the waters’ edge (Zone Two). Pond edge plantings can also be brightened up with an Australian native Purple Loosestrife. A long flowering perennial that produces masses of showy pink-purple flower spikes.

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Bletilla striata

Canna X generalis Tropical Rose

Canna X generalis Tropical Salmon

Gratiola peruviana

Iris ensata Court Jester

Iris ensata Diamond Night

Iris ensata Freckled Geisha

Iris ensata Geisha Parasol

Iris ensata Imperial Velvet

Iris ensata Kings Court

Iris ensata Pastel Princess

Iris ensata Rose Prelude

Iris ensata Storm at Sea

Iris ensata Worlds Delight

Iris hexagona Good Vibes

Iris laevigata Albopurpurea

Lythrum salicaria

Nelumbo nucifera Cochranes Baby Pink

Nymphaea Darwin (syn Hollandia)

Nymphaea Fabiola

Nymphaea Firecrest

Nymphaea H.C. Haarstick

Nymphaea James Brydon

Nymphaea Joanne Pring

Nymphaea Madam Wilfrom Gonnere

Nymphaea Norma Gedye

Nymphaea nouchali - versicolor

Nymphaea Pink Sensation

Nymphaea Rose Arey

Nymphaea Tina

Rotala rotundifolia

Oenanthe javanica Pink Flamingo

Tulbaghia violacea