Looking for a blue water lily, or other blue water plants?

Selecting blue coloured water plants to suit all climates can be a challenge. When reviewing lists of water plants, it’s apparent that the Tropical Blue water lily is the standout choice of many water gardens. The Blue Lotuses often treasured throughout Egypt and India, aren’t actually Lotus at all, but are varieties of tropical blue water lilies. Unlike other colours, there are no Hardy blue water lilies. In cooler climates the range of blue water lilies are reduced, as many are not cold tolerant. Oz Watergardens have tested many varieties of blue water lilies and found some that will survive the colder Southern Australian Winters.

Whether you seek to contrast colours or blend to complement, our water plant colour lists can help.

We have also divided this colour grouping according to the pond depths that they are most ideally suited to. This allows you to select blue flowering water plants for each pond planting zone (see Zone Map).

For example, as a Zone Five water plant (ideal pond depth +40cm), you may choose a cold tolerant Tropical Blue water lily variety such as Nymphaea nouchali ‘Cyanea’. This plant has lovely floating leaves that spread out over 1m wide and beautiful blue flowers that stand up to 30cm above the water surface.

If you only have a shallow pond to 30cm deep, you could select a Zone Four water plant such as a Pickerel Rush (Pontederia cordata). With its upright, jade green heart-shaped leaves forming lush stands 60-90cm high with large spikes of blue flowers in the warmer months.

Water bowls can make eye-catching table top displays using Zone Three water plants such as the American Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolour) or Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana).

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Bacopa caroliniana

Iris ensata Blue Lagoon

Iris ensata Emperor

Iris ensata Enchanted Lake

Iris ensata Hekito

Iris ensata Ocean Mist

Iris laevigata Royal Cartwheel

Isotoma fluviatalis

Mazus pumilio - Blue

Nymphaea Daubeniana

Nymphaea nouchali - cyanea

Pontederia cordata

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