Looking for an apricot water lily, or other peach and orange coloured water plants?

The success of any well designed pond can only be enhanced through the careful selection of water plants that suit the landscape. Whether you seek to contrast colours or blend to complement, our water plant colour lists can help.

We have also divided this colour grouping according to the pond depths that they are most ideally suited to. This allows you to select apricot, peach and orange water plants for each pond planting zone (see Zone Map).

For example, as a Zone Five water plant (ideal pond depth +40cm), you may choose an apricot water lily such as Nymphaea ‘Sioux’. If you only had a shallow pond to 30cm deep you could select a Zone Four water plant such as a dwarf apricot water lily like Nymphaea ‘Indiana’.

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Nymphaea Apricot

Nymphaea Indiana

Nymphaea Sioux

Nymphaea Karleen Harder

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