Pond Treatments

To treat or not to treat. That is the question!

There are numerous Pond treatment products that can help to prevent and/or cure pond problems. Pond treatment products can help ponds achieve a healthier environment while also improving the aesthetics through cleaner clearer pond water. Some treat water conditions such as cloudiness, breakdown organic debris, control algal problems, aerate the water and some treat water properties such as the water hardness or pH.

The pond treatment product industry is just like any other industry. They claim to be the solution or cure for every problem. Not unlike chemical or pharmaceutical companies, they all claim to have the answer.

The answer is…..they all want to sell you more of their product.

Ponds are living breathing environments full of complex life forms that can all exist together in a well balanced ecosystem. When we encounter a problem, we need to understand the underlying causes and work with it, rather than just trying to fix it with a wonder pond treatment. That is not to say that we should never use any chemical or pond treatment, but rather understand what they are, how they work and when to use them….and…not to over use them.

What to use and when...

Modifying or adjusting the water chemistry can be a risky and often unnecessary exercise. It is best to try and minimise any pond treatment and make any changes gradually. Frequent partial water changes, good aeration and regular pond maintenance including pond vacuuming will help your pond establish a more neutral balance.


Dechlorinators should only be added if large water changes take place and you need to make the water safe for fish and other aquatic life within a short amount of time. If you have the time available, let the pond re-fill slowly, just a trickle over a few days. The chlorine will evapourate naturally without any additives required.

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