Case Study 1

Jamie Clapham - Landscape Architect.


“Jamie Clapham Landscapes is a Melbourne based design company offering a fully integrated landscape service that includes consultation, design, construction and project management.  Their expertise extends from space conscious courtyards, pool design and outdoor rooms through to large-scale residential and commercial projects.

They develop individual designs for each project by interpreting our client’s needs and lifestyle. This involves a comprehensive site analysis incorporating the specific strengths, constraints, climatic conditions, and associated architectural influences.

With a range of diverse styles including Spanish/ Mediterranean, Period and Contemporary, Jamie’s designs have been showcased on the front cover of Outdoor Design and Living magazine and ABC Television’s Gardening Australia program.”  (


Jamie has had the pleasure of working closely with his clients and their personal trust in him has lead him to find people that he can trust to look after his clients.

He contacted the team @ Oz Watergardens late on a Thursday.  His client was going to have their garden on show, through the Open Garden Scheme and the pond had had little done to it since it’s construction a year or so before.  It needed a makeover and quickly.


Darryl was driving back from Sydney on the Friday and coordinated with the team, so that he could turn up onsite with them on the Saturday.  New plants had been selected from Oz Watergarden’s nursery, based on Jamie’s design criteria.  Where possible, flowering plants were chosen and the team were able to give the pond a new lease on life and make it just as much a show piece, as the rest of the garden.

Here's what Jamie had to say…

“I have found the team from Oz Water gardens to be very enthusiastic and helpful…. The maintenance service was very valuable, leaving the pond and plants looking very fresh and ready for the next year.”  Jamie Clapham.

The flow on effect…

While we were working on the pond, a group of people, all of whom were having their gardens on display as part of the Open Garden Scheme, came through to view each other’s gardens.  They were impressed by the pond plants and we were even able to gain another pond service booking.

Jamie’s client was rapt with the results and we feel that this helps to reflect on his business.

Since then we have had more referrals from Jamie, including the pond below and also a commercial landscape at Jayco Caravans head office.

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