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LEGEND ZONE 1: Floating aquatic plants
ZONE 4: Shallow water plants
ZONE 2: Bog plants and waterside plants
ZONE 5: Deep water plants
ZONE 3: Marginal plants

Water gardens are the Hottest trend in Cool garden design.

Experience the tranquility and escape the stresses of the outside world. Whether it is a place to relax, be inspired or a great place to entertain. Let us help you create your own paradise.

Choosing plants for your water gardens made easy....


Oz Watergardens have developed an easy to use guide for plant selection, by classifying plants according to their optimum water levels.

The pond is divided into 5 plant zones, as shown on the Oz Watergardens Zone Map. The key to each zone is referenced using numbered colour symbols. All plants listed on this website, or grown and supplied by Oz Watergardens are labeled with these symbols.

Just click on the area of the Zone Map image to help choose the plants that are recommended for that area or depth of your pond.

Why water gardens benefit from selecting plants from each of the 5 zones?

All well designed water gardens should incorporate plants from the 5 pond plant zones. By selecting a range of plants from each of the different zones, your water gardens can establish a more balanced environment and improve the pond health. In essence you create a miniature version of what occurs in nature. A small ecosystem that brings life into your garden.




What if I am looking for specific types of plants?

You can refer to the various plant list buttons on the left for Waterlilies, or Other Aquatic Plants - such as Australian Native Plants, Frost Tolerant Plants , Edible Aquatic Plants and more......

Want a specific colour, or plants for a particular water gardens style?

Choose our Pond Themes for Colour Selection, so you can select plants to meet your colour palette, choose a pond type - like Water Bowls, Frog Ponds , Japanese Water Gardens and more....
Need practical water gardens advice?

Oz Watergardens is the preferred supplier to the nursery and landscape industry.....practical experience and knowledge beats theoretical advice any day....
We have pages of info on Pond Products, Pond Maintenance, Algae and Pest Control, Plant Care and if you are still unsure, go to our FAQs

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