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Zone 3™ - Marginal plants


Marginal plants grow in the shallow waters around pond edges. Oz Watergardens have grouped plants according to the recommended water depths for pond plants. Zone 3TM  refers to plants that grow well in water that is 0-20cm deep. Therefore all their roots are below the waterline and some or all their leaves may be in the water.

Marginal plants enhance the pond-scape through softening the pond edges. Provide shelter for various pond life, such as frogs and fish. They also help to provide some protection from predators such as cats.

Some marginal plants trail out over the pond surface, creating a mat of foliage. They can help protect pond edges and liners, you can also use them to hide or camouflage ugly wiring and plumbing from pond pumps, filters and lighting.


Many marginal plants are great for planting in shallow ponds and water bowls where deeper water is just not an option. They are ideal for urns and planters and offer a variety of plants to choose from. By combining a selection of different marginal plants, decorative table top displays can be quite inspiring and a bowl lot of fun.


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