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At Oz Watergardens, we believe that it is important to provide the best information to help people make the best decisions.  Pond design can influence the pond care, maintenance and even the health of the pond. 

In building a pond, you are actually creating a little ecosystem, within a confined space, that reproduces nature, but on much smaller scale.  The great thing about pond care, is that we can all learn to modify and control the many factors that affect our pond and therefore have the ability to create and maintain a healthy pond environment.

A healthy pond can only be achieved through good pond care and design

•    Good pond design is an important factor that should be considered before building any pond.  It will have an impact on the actual workings of the pond and the pond care required to maintain the health of the pond life.  Achieving a balanced ecosystem is the key to healthy pond design....
•    The key to good pond health is getting the balance right.  A healthy pond environment is easier to achieve when the conditions within the pond are able to support a balanced ecosystem.... 
•    Some algae is essential for a healthy ecologically balanced pond.  A basic understanding of algae and good pond design is the best way to prevent algae problems and reduce pond care and maintenance....
•    Aquatic pest control requires a little more care than other parts of the garden.  Pest control should only be undertaken as a last resort.  Prevention is always better than a cure....
•    All well designed natural water gardens, incorporate a range of water plants from each of the 5 Pond Zones™.   By selecting a range of plants from each pond zone, your water gardens can establish a more stable and balanced environment.  The water plants not only help to create a healthy pond, but also help to create a habitat for other pond life.
•    Plant care and growing aquatic plants involves the repotting and dividing, fertilizing and seasonal maintenance of the pond plants.  Healthy vigorous plants are always more resilient to attack from pests.  Seasonal pond care including regular partial water changes and the removal of dead organic matter are the primary duties in maintaining a healthy pond.  

For further information on pond care just follow the links relating to the various topics.  If you are still unsure, check out our FAQ's for more helpful information.

Why trust our pond care advice?

As Australia's largest wholesale producer of waterlilies and ornamental pond plants, we are recognised as the main source of information on aquatic plants and pond care, that people look to for guidance.

Oz Watergardens is currently working with the Nursery industry and the Department of primary industries to update and help people understand how to recognise aquatic weeds and what they should do to help control the risk of potential aquatic weeds. 

We are also, an on-going supporter of Monash University's Biological Sciences division in their field research of frog populations.

Oz Watergardens also provide an onsite consultancy and pond maintenance services, in Victoria. 

When you consider all the experience of growing more pond plants, than any other business in Australia.  Who's better to advise you on how to care for your pond plants?

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