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Night flowering plants add a touch of class.

Many of us leave home in the morning to go to work and then come home at the end of the day, missing out on the beauty in our gardens until we see them on the weekends. Imagine enjoying an evening outdoors with friends and being asked "How do you get your water lilies to flower at night"? Night blooming water lilies usually open at sunset and close about 11am the following day.... flowers may stay open longer in the cooler mornings or on overcast days.

Night blooming water lilies are tropical water plants.... preferring water temperatures above 24°C. These magnificent night flowering plants produce flowers that stand up to 30cm high, out of the pond water. The flower colours range through various shades of reds, pinks and whites.

Most night blooming water lilies tend to have a larger leaf spread and so are more suited to medium to large ponds. They produce leaves with toothed or scalloped edges and are often streaked with splashes of purples, maroons or browns.

The Victoria waterlilies are amongst the most impressive night flowering plants. Named after Queen Victoria, they truly are the Queen of the waterlilies, producing 20-30cm creamy white flowers and enormous spiny leaves over 2m in diameter. This one is really only for the real enthusiast with a large pond at least 4.5m in diameter. It can be also be grown in conservatories or heated green houses in cooler climates.


  1. Night blooming water lilies are cold sensitive tropical water plants and need the water temperature to stay above 24°C in order to flower. Smaller ponds tend to cool down more at night time, so if you wish to grow them in cooler parts of Australia, then a larger in-ground pond would be better.
  2. For information on plant care and maintenance go to our Tips & Hints page.

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