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Trying to colour match or contrast your water plants? Then you've come to the right place.


To help with planning a pond landscape we have lists of water plants grouped by the colours of their flowers or their most conspicuous leaf colour. This will aid in maintaining a colour scheme in the overall garden landscape or help you to choose water plants to a colour palette that will complement or contrast.


Taking this one step further, we have also divided each colour grouping according to the pond depths that they are most ideally suited to. This allows the colours of water plants to be selected for each pond planting zone (see Zone Map).


We have tried to keep the grouping to the most common colour selections found amongst water plants. Sometimes the decision to group a plant under one category or another is an arbitrary one. For example, if you have a red-rose pink coloured waterlily such as Nymphaea' James Brydon'. Is it a red or a pink? We have decided that if it is on the darker side of pink to group it in with the reds.


Some plants are more difficult to group. Variegated water plants are grouped according to their most prominent colour. For example, if it looks like a creamy colour contrasted with green, then we group it under white. If it is more golden, then we group it under yellow. Where water plants have one flower colour and another foliage colour, they are listed under both.


Colour groupings for water plants.


  1. Apricots, orange and peach such as the waterlily - Nymphaea 'Sioux'.
  2. Blues such as the Pickerel rush (pontederia cordata).
  3. Pinks and purples such as Pink Rotala (Rotala rotundifolia) and Iris versicolor 'Gerald Darby'.
  4. Reds such as the Water Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccinea).
  5. White such as the Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos).
  6. Yellows such as the Water fringe (Nymphoides geminata).




  1. At Oz Watergardens we believe that to achieve a successful water garden, it all comes down to the planning. Click on the various colour lists of water plants and print off those that suit your needs, or print all of them and then you can have a real play.


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